Swimming Pools

Megaspor works closely with the best international and local manufacturers of pool products and accessories, all USA and EU certified. We have built many indoor and outdoor swimming pools during the last 30 years in Turkey. We are mainly involved with turnkey building in the Istanbul area however we also take on large projects in other cities and abroad.

We advise on design, location, type of pool system and offer all kinds of accessories, such as:
•    Filters
•    Pumps
•    Fountains & Waterfalls
•    Special Lighting Fixtures
•    Ladders & Stairs
•    Test Kits
•    Cleaning Materials
•    Disinfection Systems
•    Stropool – Fast Pool System
•    Spa and Massage Pool Equipment
•    Winter Pool Cover and Accessories
•    Glass Mosaic and other tiles

There are limitless possibilities for pools, the type and size all depends on your available space and budget.

Please contact us for further information, requests and prices.

Indoor & Outdoor Sports Flooring

Megaspor provides high performance surfaces for all types of sports courts, all are certified by the international federations as listed below:
•    ITF approved Tennis Court Surfaces
•    FIBA approved Basketball Court Surfaces
•    FIVB approved Volleyball Court Surfaces
•    IHF approved Handball Court Surfaces
•    IAAF approved Running Track Surfaces
•    FIFA approved Artificial Turf Soccer Field Surfaces

The surfacing system used depends on the type of sports court and whether it is indoor or outdoor.
The types of surfacing systems are:

•    Acrylic Indoor & outdoor
•    SBR+ EPDM combi Indoor & outdoor
•    Wooden Indoor
•    Polyurethane Indoor
•    Artifical Turf Indoor & outdoor

Other types of flooring solutions that we supply are:
•    Portable & Protective Systems - for permanent and temporary use
•    Soft cushion & non-slip systems - for playgrounds, school yards, swimming pool areas, ice skating
     rink arenas

Please see our distributorships page for more information regarding the products we provide and feel free contact us for further information, requests and prices.

Air Domes

Arizon Structures are the world’s leading manufacturers of the finest sports domes, sports air structures, and structures for different applications. Whether your need is a seasonal football practice sports dome, a permanent fieldhouse, or an indoor tennis court or pool, Arizon does it all!

Please see above for reference pictures and please check the below links for more information.

The leader in Frame, Air & Tension Buildings
Birth of an Airzon Air Structure
Multi- Sport Air Dome Structure
Agricultural Applications

National Guard Academy - Moscow, Russia
Super Bowl Practice Dome

Arizon Structures Aquatic Dome
Arizon Structures Tennis Dome

For further information and prices please contact us.

Ice Arenas

Megaspor’s cooperation with Becker Arena Products began in 2010 when they sold 1800 m2 of ice cover for the new ice arena project in Turkmenistan. Through our collaboration we are able to offer turnkey building of your arena, and all the products and materials needed to complete it.

Building a new facility requires creative vision and planning. We can be a valuable resource with our large network of builders, architects, contractors and consultants. We can assist you with:
•    Feasibility Studies
•    Financial/Business Plans
•    Operations & Management Training
•    Equipment

For exsisting Ice Arenas we offer assistance with:
•    Renovation
•    New Dasher Systems & Maintenance
•    Dasher parts
•    Shield Systems
•    Shield Components

We offer accessories such as:
•    Bleachers-Benching
•    Dehumidifiers
•    Flooring - Event
•    Flooring - Protective
•    Heaters
•    Scoreboards
•    Skate Rack Solutions
•    Ice Marking Lines
•    Ice Measuring
•    Skates - Rental
•    Skate Sharpeners
•    Ultimate Vinyl Lining & Graphics

Please see above for reference pictures of arenas built by Becker Arena Products.

For further information and prices please contact us and/ or visit their website: www.beckerarena.com

Some references of Becker Arena:
•    Big Hat Arena, Nagano Japan - built in 1995 for 1998 Winter Olympics Ridder
•    Arena – Home of University of Minnesota Women’s Hockey Team – built in 2003
•    Badger Football Field transformed into outdoor ice arena 2010 (press this link for pictures)


•    Tennis nets and posts
•    Windscreens
•    Referee chairs
•    Special lighting fixtures
•    Fencing materials
•    Basketball boards
•    Volleyball nets and posts
•    Soccer, mini soccer and handball goals
•    Portable and Telescopic Bleachers & Benches

Please see above for example pictures of our accessories and feel free to contact us for further information, requests and prices.

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